COLI FAX Service
Introducing COLI Fax Service.

Finally, Fax without the cost of an extra phone line.
After years of trying to find the right solution for our customers fax needs, we have finally found the answer we have been looking for. No expensive phone line and No relearning how to fax. The only requirement needed is a connection to the internet. Just connect our device in between your existing fax machine and your internet connected router, no additional configuration is needed. Our device interacts directly with your fax machine and simulates the phone line the fax machine is expecting, then sends the fax over the internet to the number you dialed. It’s just as simple as using your same fax machine like you have been, but without the expensive phone line.

The Cost is quite a bit less then your dedicated fax line, which is not needed.
  Monthly Fee Activation
Pay for the equipment up front $15 / Month $109.99
Rent the equipment $15 / Month + $10 / Month Rental (ongoing) $25.00
- All accounts include a maximum of 250 minutes (incoming & outgoing combined).  Additional minutes are billed at 5cents per minute.  (typically 1 page fax takes a minute)

You may choose a new phone number and have it available immediately or port your current number.  (Number porting can take between 2 and 6 weeks)

Equipment is shipped directly from our supplier, and takes about 3 or 4 business days to arrive. 

These other Features are generally not included with your fax machine or fax phone line, are included at no extra fee.  These are completely optional, but are enabled by default with the service.  
    • Fax to email; receive all faxes as an attachment in your email.  (This is in addition to the faxes going directly to your fax machine)
    • Email to Fax;  Fax directly from your computer or other device (no fax machine required)
    • Web administration panel to view faxes
    • Windows application to view and send faxes
    • Fax anywhere anytime with your computer or other email enabled device


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